Our Team

Every person on our team is an expert in their field. Arkansas Air Flow recruits the best talent around so you can have peace of mind your air conditioner and heater will be fixed right the first time.

Darren Brown, CEO

Darren Brown: President/CEO

As President and CEO of Arkansas Air Flow, Inc., Darren’s mission is to personally ensure each and every client receives the highest quality of service and construction that they deserve, at a price they can afford. Darren is EPA certified. With more than 25 years of experience, Darren can solve any problem. He has worked on jobs across the country but loves coming home to Arkansas. He loves investing in his employees and helping them reach their full potential. He has a heart for volunteering and giving back to his community.  When he is not running Arkansas Air Flow, Inc. like a pro, he loves to be on the lake, golf, and hunt. 

Kelly Brown, CFO

Kelly Brown: CFO

Kelly is our strategic thinker with a passion for improving processes with the help of technology. A former bank Senior Vice President turned CFO for her small business clients, she uses her number-crunching powers to help steer the ship. In her free time, who are we kidding…she is a workaholic. She believes relaxing is reading a book while lounging by the pool. She enjoys crafting, being on the lake and her family.


Jason Barrow:

Jason is an HVAC magician. He has the unique ability to help our technicians in the field with things like calculating delta T, superheat and subcooling.  With a flip of a switch, he can shed the HVAC jargon to help our customers understand their air conditioner or heater problem and the solution we propose to fix it. When not supporting our technicians, Jason enjoys hunting and attending his sons’ sporting events. 

Jennifer Averette, Office Manager

Jennifer Averett: Office Manager

Every company needs a person focused on the rule book. We’re lucky to have one of the better ones in the country. Jennifer wears a lot of hats. She is our cheerleader and helps us stay on the right path. When she is not working hard for AAF, she is spending time with her family. 

Service Technicians and Installers

Our service technicians and installers are the creams of the crop. Every day we receive handwritten notes, letters, phone calls and emails from happy customers that took the time out of their busy schedule to praise our technicians and installers.


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