Best Temperature for Fall and Winter

Best Temperature for Fall and Winter

Fall and winter bring colder weather, and with it, changes in how you set and maintain your thermostat. While warmer months require higher settings to save energy and stay comfortable, the cooler temperatures associated with the fall have a different set of needs. What is the best temperature to set your thermostat?

The answer to this simple question has several parts. To find the best setting, a homeowner must address what they feel the best temperature is for comfort and how to make sure that the setting chosen is efficient and cost-effective.


The US Department of Energy uses 68 degrees Fahrenheit as a general recommendation for thermostat settings during the day in cooler weather while you are home and active in your house. In 2006, the Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory found that 71 degrees was the optimal temperature for people for office workers.

Most people, when they are home, are able to wear comfortable, warmer clothing. They are also able to be slightly more active than they would be in an office setting. This allows a slightly lower temperature for a household thermostat. The important thing to remember with this guideline is that it is for homeowners when they are active in their home.


Recommended thermostat temperature during the day: What temperature should you set your thermostat during the day time? This really depends on whether or not you are home. If you are home, you could set the temperature at about 72° F (22° C). What about when you are not home, however? If you are not home and want to make sure that your house is warm when you come back, then you could try setting your thermostat temperature at 68° F (20° C).

Recommended thermostat temperature during the night: Although temperatures can drop incredibly low during the night time, it is best to set your thermostat settings at an energy-efficient temperature, that can ensure reasonable warmth. Taking this into consideration, we generally suggest setting your thermostat at 68° F – 62° F, that being around 20°C – 17°C. You generally want to maintain a warm enough temperature in your home that will make you feel comfortable during the night.

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