Is Your HVAC System Ready for Fall?

Is Your HVAC System Ready for Fall?

Where did the summer go? Yet again, the hottest months of the year have flown by, and now the kids are back in school and fall is just around the corner.

In fact, the first day of fall is September 22. That is just over a month away!

Of course, we all know what else fall brings—cooler temperatures and thoughts that turn from air conditioning to heating.

This also means it is time to start thinking about scheduling your annual HVAC inspection and maintenance call to give your air conditioner those essential tweaks that will keep it running smoothly after a whole summer of hard work.

While you are at it, now is a great time to have your furnace inspected and maintained, so you can identify and fix any small issues before they turn into a potential major repair (or, even worse, a system outage) during the cold months.

Give Your Hard-working Air Conditioner a Spa Day

No appliance works harder during the summer months than your HVAC unit’s air conditioning module. Day and night, your A/C keeps pumping out that cool, humidity-controlled air to keep you and your family comfortable.

But after a few steady months of hard labor, your A/C unit may be feeling understandably weary. It may even be contemplating a breakdown as parts get worn out and lubrication wears thin.

Scheduling an inspection and maintenance service for your air conditioner is like giving it a spa day as a reward for all those cool, comfy days it has given you.

An A/C service call accomplishes two key goals:

  • Inspection Your air conditioner gets a thorough once-over inside and out. Dust and debris are cleared away from the unit’s exterior, and then the entire unit is examined to make sure it is operating at peak efficiency.
  • Maintenance Your air conditioner gets cleaned up and lubricated. Worn or broken parts are replaced with new parts. If refrigerant is low, more is added. If you desire, during the maintenance portion of the service call, you can also get recommendations on how to lower your energy bills.

MAINTAIN NOW & SAVE LATER! While your air conditioner will certainly appreciate the TLC of an annual inspection and maintenance call, you are really the big winner here. For starters, by taking care of minor issues now, you won’t face major repair costs later. As well, for most families, cooling and heating represent the bulk of annual energy expense. So the more efficiently your HVAC unit operates, the less energy it will draw to do its job properly, and the more cash you will save!

Why Not Give Your Furnace a Day of Preparatory Pampering

Even though your furnace has gotten off lightly for the last several months, its time is coming. Soon, the grass will be covered in frost and before you know it, snow will be falling again.

This means now is the perfect moment to give your furnace a day of preparatory pampering. If you’ve never had to suffer through a cold winter day without heat, you are probably doing something right in this department, so don’t break your stride.

You can even schedule your furnace inspection and maintenance at the same time you do your air conditioning service. This will save you time and money, since you will be making any necessary repairs or upgrades to your HVAC unit and furnace system all at once.

You will also get double peace of mind, since your air conditioner will be primed and ready to muscle through the last few days of summer and your furnace will be pumped to take up right where your A/C unit leaves off when fall arrives.

Arkansas Air Flow offers a service contract. With this service contract a trained technicians will clean and inspect your equipment twice a year. You can find out more on our service contracts here.