Which HVAC Threats Could Most Hamper Your Unit?

Which HVAC Threats Could Most Hamper Your Unit?

HVAC systems are durable machines that are manufactured to be resilient against the elements and provide years of reliable service. However, there are HVAC threats to efficiency and function that Arkansas homeowners need to be aware of. Consider the following tips so you can identify threats that could hamper your HVAC unit — and hopefully avoid them.

HVAC Threats: Lack of Homeowner Maintenance

Every HVAC unit needs regular care to function properly. While the really complex tasks are best-taken care of by your HVAC technician, there is one particular task that every homeowner must do to avoid the threat of an HVAC breakdown: Change the air filter as often as needed, which is typically every one to six months depending on the type filter you use in your home.

HVAC Threats: Lack of Professional HVAC Maintenance

Do you remember the last time you had a professional HVAC service performed? To get the greatest efficiency and years of service from your heating and cooling systems, they need to be serviced each fall/winter and spring/summer, respectively, by a certified HVAC technician. Your technician does important tasks, such as checking refrigerant levels, cleaning HVAC coils, and testing electrical components.

HVAC Threats: Leaky Ducts

The ductwork in your Arkansas home is an essential component of your HVAC system. The air ducts carry the conditioned airflow from the furnace and AC to the rooms in your home. A very common threat to HVAC efficiency and function is leaky or damaged air ducts.

In fact, the Energy Saver program says that up to 30% of airflow is lost due to duct leaks. Ask your HVAC technician to inspect the air ducts in your home for leaks, holes, and disconnected duct joints. You could be rewarded with substantial energy savings and better comfort.

HVAC Threats: Airflow Obstructions

There exists another common HVAC threat in the ductwork system, which is airflow obstructions due to incorrectly sized ducts or blockages between air supply and air return. This threat can be remedied by installing transfer grilles, jumper ducts, or resizing duct runs.

Don’t let HVAC threats disrupt your comfort and your HVAC system.